Developers of unique software solutions.


We develop fully independent and unique Windows, Mac and Linux software programs for businesses that need a custom designed solution to handle their specific needs.


Our field of expertise includes:


  •     Data management (data entry, access and storage - locally or networked)
  •     Software redesign (modernizing outdated or ineffectual programs)
  •     Printing and reporting


We thrive in areas from general business operations to point-of-sale.

What makes us a better choice?


We excel at creating user-friendly programs through our one-on-one, empathetic approach to understanding the expectations of the intended users of the new software.

Locations Covered


Although we can certainly provide custom software development across Canada, we primarily service Vancouver Island and BC's lower mainland.

Gathering information to aid in the development of custom software.
Our customers appreciate how our specialty software improves their jobs.
Developing a custom tailored website design.

Custom Software Design

We help automate businesses by custom designing fully independent and unique software programs to handle their very specific needs.

In-House Software

Niche market, specialty software that is designed and developed in-house, which we sell to a broad range of customers.

Website Design

With an extensive background in marketing and usability, we can effectively design a website that works for you.


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Mark Lewis & Associates
Mark Lewis & Associates